iot - hard


unfortunately the infra was down by the time I got to the writeup

We’re given an IP and credentials, along with a reference to mosquito. There was also a URL that accepted a username, a password and OTP.

I used MQTT Explorer to connect to the mosquito server. With a bit of patience, an office topic received a message with a “u” and “p” flag, base64 encoded.


Decoded they are:


A webcam topic also received some messages, arriving as part 1 and part 2. These were much longer base64 encoded strings, so I copied them and put them in a file. Next, base64 decoding the strings we got from the webcam produced an image.

I thought I had everything needed to login to the web interface, but the credentials were wrong for some reason. After a while, retracing my steps, I pulled the webcam parts again, and stitching them together I realise the OTP was different this time. OFC! Using the new webcam images faster, I logged in and revealed the flag.