Work clever, not hard

This will be the first post of a series of quick shell tips for getting things done, fast. Infact, it will probably just serve as a notepad for me on the topic ;)

Last shell command

If you are using a shell, such as Bash, which is pretty much the default on most Linux distributions, then you probably know that you can just use the up arrow to get the last command. But, if you are using a shell such as Zsh like me, you’d quickly come to realise that the global ~/.histfile can be a tad frustrating if you are expecting the last command you typed in that terminal window to appear when you press up. Only to realise, its literally the last command you typed in another shell.

Bang Bang to the rescue!

Simply type !! and enter and the last command that was run in that terminal will be either echoed or executed, depending on how your shell is configured to handle the command.